Cal Harley: Biotech Research; retired as CSO at Geron Corporation

Leonard Hayflick: Researcher; retired; first described cell senescence (Hayflick limit)

Alexey Olovnikov: Biologist; first described role of telomeres in aging

Jerry Shay: Researcher; University of Texas, SW Medical School,,16566,00.html

Woody Wright: Researcher; University of Texas, SW Medical Shool,,18156,00.html

Michael West: Researcher; founder of Geron and other biotech firms

Bill Andrews: Biotech Research; CSO at Sierra Sciences

Supercentenarian Research Foundation: tracks currently oldest humans

American Foundation for Aging Research

American Federation for Aging Research

American Aging Association

Gerontology Research Group

Michael B. Fossel, M.D., Ph.D. (born 1950, Greenwich, Connecticut) was a professor of clinical medicine at Michigan State University for almost 30 years...