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December 30, 2010

2011 update

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My newest book, “Immortality Edge”, coauthored by Greta Blackburn and David Woynarowski is a combined look at diet, exercise, lifestyle, meditation, and other approaches. It is not intended to give advice on how to lengthen telomeres, so much as to slow down their loss; not so much aimed at reversing aging, as slowing the process by everyday means.

For those of you interested in actually reversing the process, consider contacting TA Sciences, who have a commercially available telomerase activator. There are at least two (perhaps three) other know public sources, but some questions have been raised (and remain unanswered) regarding regarding patent infringement and efficacy of the available compounds. To be fair, the question of efficacy has also been raised with regard to TA Sciences’s product, TA65, but there is both laboratory data and some initial human clinical data supporting the efficacy of this compound. How well TA65 will bear up under long term scrutiny remains to be seen, but the initial data is supportive and consistent with what is known of both human aging and human pathology. For example, we know that human aging generally takes decades to occur and there is some a priori reason to suggest that reversing the process might take a similar time course, rather that merely a few months. In reality, we might expect that some processes (e.g., immunce rejuvenation) should proceed faster than other processes (e.g., changes in the coronary arteries or joint surfaces) and this expectation is consistent with the current data.

For those of you who are interested in other sources (whether proven or not), you might try the following:

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